Last Updated: 14th April March 2024

For 2024 we have a one bedroom self catering cottage and two B&B rooms. 

The Cottage is Starvegoose and costs £100.00 per night or £520.00 per week and sleeps two.

The East bedroom B&B is a double room and costs £100.00 per night for two adults including breakfast. Extra for an accompanying child. 

The West bedroom B&B is £95.00 per night for two or a single person is £80.00 including breakfast.

A is available B is booked​ P is Provisionally booked.


To Starvegoose Marshalls B&B


6th April Booked  AA  AA BB BB BB BB BB
13th April  £520 BB AA  AA  AA  AA  AA BB
20th April  £520  BB  AA  AA  AA BB BB  BB
27th April £520 BB  BB  AA AA BB BB  BB
4th May £520  BB  AA  AA AA  AA  BB BB
11th May Booked BB  AA  BB  AA BB BB  AA
18th May Booked  BA  BA  BA  BA  BA  BA  BA
25th May Booked  BB BB BB  BB BB BB  AA
1st June  Booked  AA  AA  AA  BB BB BB BB
8th June  £520 BB  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
15th June Booked  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
22nd June Booked  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
29th June Booked  AA  AA  AA BB  BB  BB  AA
6th July Booked  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
13th July Booked  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA BB
20th July Booked  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
27th July Available 25th-1st Aug  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA BB
3rd August Booked BB BB  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
10th August Booked  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
17th August Booked  AA BB BB  BB BB  BB  AA
24th August  £520  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
31st August £520  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
7th Sept Booked  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
14th Sept Booked BB  BB BB  BB  BB  BB  BB
21st Sept  Booked  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
28th Sept Booked  AA  AA  BB BB  AA  AA  AA
5th Oct Booked  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
!2th Oct  £520  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
19th Oct  £520  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
26th Oct  £520  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
2nd Nov  £520  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
9th Nov  £520  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
16th Nov £520  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
23rd Nov  £520  AA  AA AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
30th Nov  £520  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
7th Dec  £520  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
14th Dec  £520  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
21st Dec Booked  AA AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
28th Dec  Booked  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA  AA
4th Jan  £520        AA  AA  AA  AA